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Learn How I made my Personal Brand on LinkedIn, Crafted a Powerful network of more than 29K Followers and generated 9000+ enrollments for my Courses on Udemy & Airschool & 1000’s of potential leads. Without spending a PENNY on Ads or Promotion and with just 7 hours of time-investments per week. In this masterclass, you will learn How to Build your Personal Brand, Craft an Opportunity-magnet LinkedIn Profile with a Powerful Network & a scroll-stopping content creation strategy that generates thousands of leads & wins tons of opportunities. What you will learn: ✅ My 7-Step Blueprint is designed to craft a winning Journey using LinkedIn that can connect you with tons of opportunities, land your dream job, attract customers and grow your business. ✅ My 4-Pillar framework to find and understand your target audience & Crafting an effective Digital Presence around your target audience ✅ My 13-Steps Process to Optimize an Opportunity Magnet LinkedIn profile that promises visibility & helps you win opportunities ✅ My 500% LinkedIn Growth Strategy to Craft a Winning Network & Connect with CEOs & Key decision-makers to win tons of Opportunities ✅ My 3-Pillar Content Strategy that will help you create Scroll-Stopping Content – converting viewers into followers, clients & Opportunity-Providers

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In this section, you will learn 4-Pillar framework to find and understand your target audience & Crafting an effective Digital Presence around your target audience

  • 7 Steps Opportunity Hacking Blueprint for LinkedIn 2min 12sec
  • Who are You? 6min 26sec
  • What you are doing 6min 14sec
  • What you had learnt from COVID19 5min 59sec
  • What is your Goal 13min 5sec

How to optimize the pitching section of your LinkedIn Profile

  • 01-SUBSCRIPTION PLANS.mp4 3min 52sec
  • 02-Pitching and Selling Section.mp4 7min 58sec
  • 03-80-20 Rule of Linkedin profile.mp4 8min 10sec
  • 04-Profile Name.mp4 5min 50sec
  • 05-Profile Picture.mp4 5min 4sec
  • 6A-What is LinkedIn Headline.mp4 4min 44sec
  • 6B-3T Formula of LinkedIn Headline.mp4 4min 41sec
  • 6C-Never Use Such Headline.mp4 3min 44sec
  • 6D-Headline Examples.mp4 7min 11sec
  • 6E-LinkedIn headline for Fresh Graduates and Students.mp4 4min 45sec
  • 6F-Headline for Young Professionals.mp4 3min 17sec
  • 6G-Headline for Entrepreneurs.mp4 4min 26sec
  • 6H-Headline for Freelancers.mp4 3min 23sec

How to Optimize the selling section of your LinkedIn Profile

  • 1A-LinkedIn Cover Photo.mp4 6min 17sec
  • 1B-bANNER IDEAS.mp4 6min 44sec
  • 1C-LinkedIn Banner places.mp4 3min 6sec
  • 1D-LinkedIn banner examples.mp4 4min 26sec
  • 2A-About Section Details.mp4 10min 12sec
  • 2B-About Section Examples.mp4 12min 9sec
  • 3A-Featured Section Details.mp4 4min 22sec
  • 3B-Featured Section Ideas.mp4 6min 5sec
  • 3C-Featured Section Examples.mp4 5min 0sec
  • 04-Experience Section.mp4 9min 38sec
  • 05-Educational Section.mp4 8min 25sec
  • 06-Licenses and Certifications.mp4 6min 42sec
  • 07-Volunteer Experience Section.mp4 4min 0sec
  • 8A-Skills and Endorsements Details.mp4 10min 45sec
  • 8B-Skills and Endorsements DEMO.mp4 7min 47sec
  • 9-Recommendations.mp4 12min 59sec
  • 10-Public Profile.mp4 9min 33sec

How to Craft a winning network using LinkedIn

  • 01-NEXT STEPS NETWORKING.mp4 2min 36sec
  • 02-Importance of Newtworking.mp4 9min 46sec
  • 03-FOUR Pillars of Networking.mp4 4min 47sec
  • 4A-Connections - Why Connect - GOAL.mp4 6min 13sec
  • 4B-Connections-Who to Connect.mp4 7min 21sec
  • 4C-Connections-How to Connect -Strategy.mp4 8min 27sec
  • 4D-Connections- Connection Request Case Studies.mp4 10min 47sec
  • 5A-Engagement - What is Engagement.mp4 3min 13sec
  • 5B-Engagement - Details.mp4 8min 28sec
  • 5C-Engagement - Different Way to Engage.mp4 4min 24sec
  • 5D-Engagement - Where to Engage.mp4 11min 32sec
  • 5E-Engagement - How to Engage.mp4 8min 17sec
  • 6A-Follow Company Pages Intorduction.mp4 9min 20sec
  • 6B-How to Engage with Companies.mp4 4min 28sec
  • 6C-How to find Company Employees.mp4 7min 46sec
  • 6D-Company Page Tour.mp4 11min 32sec
  • 7-Newsletters.mp4 11min 48sec
  • 8-Stalking.mp4 10min 48sec
  • 9-500 Percent Growth Strategy.mp4 11min 45sec

How to Create Content that Stops the Scroll

  • 01-Content Creation - Introduction.mp4 11min 9sec
  • 02-Content Creation - Why Create Content.mp4 8min 39sec
  • 03-Content Creation - What type of Content.mp4 7min 14sec
  • 04-Content Creation- How to Create Content.mp4 9min 41sec
  • 05-Content Creation - Type of Content on LinkedIn.mp4 12min 17sec
  • 06-80-20 Strategy for Content Creation.mp4 2min 44sec
  • 07-Best Places for Content Creation Ideas.mp4 9min 39sec
  • 08-Hashtags Strategy.mp4 9min 24sec
  • 09-Tagging Strategy.mp4 3min 49sec
  • 10-Fancy Content and Emojis.mp4 1min 54sec
  • 11-Content Creation and Engagement Duration - Consistency.mp4 4min 45sec

Learn the Art of Winning Interviews and Generating Leads

  • 01-Connecting with Opportunity -Introduction.mp4 1min 39sec
  • 02-SEARCH OPTION.mp4 8min 18sec
  • 3A-Exploring Job Search Feature.mp4 7min 48sec
  • 3B-Job Search Strategy.mp4 11min 27sec
  • 04-Lead Generation Strategy.mp4 11min 56sec
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About Expert

Muhammad Ishtiaq Khan

LinkedIn Growth Coach | Founder Startovation

I am the Founder of Startovation & LinkedIn Growth Coach. I help People Grow on LinkedIn, Build their Personal Brand on LinkedIn and Win Opportunities on the Internet. Professionally, I am working as Manager Digitalization at PTCL & Leading Digital Transformation initiatives. Some of Achievements: - PTCL Presidential Innovation Excellence Award-2019 Winner - Performance Excellence Award-2020 for Self Development & Training Delivery - Certified Digital Trainer Portfolio as Trainer & LinkedIn Coach/Consultant - Coached 400+ Students/Fresh Graduates/Working Professionals/Entrepreneurs/Freelancers - LinkedIn Profile Review & Optimization Services to 150+ Professionals/Entrepreneurs/Freelancers - LinkedIn for Professional Growth Webinars for YPDC & PTCL Razakars


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  • Syed Muntazir Imam


    The content you have presented has boosted my knowledge of how to use LinkedIn, connect, engage, write good content and reach the appropriate audience. I would like to mention one quote from your morning session which has really impressed me “LinkedIn is not stalking, it's engaging and expanding the network”

  • Yasir Ahmad


    Attended a fruitful session about LinkedIn. A great initiative by Ishtiaq and I really appreciate his efforts. Thank you so much for this opportunity. It was really helpful and will surely apply the tactics you teach us today.

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Yes, this masterclass will teach you the strategies to craft a winning social selling journey using LinkedIn and will help you to learn - how to use LinkedIn for lead generation and winning opportunities

Yes, All the best content creation strategies are discussed in this masterclass

Yes, This masterclass is for everyone, who wants to start their winning journey using LinkedIn. It will help you to optimize your LinkedIn Profile for massive success.

Yes, In this masterclass you will learn, Why, Where and How you can grow your network and What are the best strategies and techniques to craft a winning network using LinkedIn

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15+ enrolled on this course